Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Search

Microsoft a publié récemment un guide conçu pour faciliter la compréhension des différentes solutions de recherche disponible avec SharePoint 2010.

“This evaluation guide is designed to give you an understanding of the design goals and the details of the enterprise search features provided by Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2010. This guide is also designed to give you a familiarity with how to implement enterprise search by using SharePoint Server 2010.

This guide includes:

  • Descriptions of the new and improved enterprise search features and technologies provided by SharePoint Server 2010.
  • Details on the indexing and query architecture implemented by SharePoint Server 2010.
  • Tours and walkthroughs of the main search features provided by SharePoint Server 2010.”


Voici un tableau extrait de ce document qui illustre bien les fonctionnalités disponibles pour chacune des solutions.


SharePoint Foundation 2010 Search Server 2010 Express Search Server 2010 SharePoint Server 2010 FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint
Basic site search Y Y Y Y Y
Best Bets Y Y Y Y
Visual Best Bets Y
Similar Results Y
Duplicate Results Y
Search Scopes Y Y Y Y
Search Enhancement based on user context Y
Crawled and Managed Properties Y Y Y Y*
Query Federation Y Y Y Y
Query Suggestions Y Y Y Y
Sort Results on Managed Properties or Rank Profiles Y
Relevancy Tuning by Document or Site Promotions Y Y Y Y*
Shallow Results Refinement Y Y Y Y
Deep Results Refinement Y
Document Preview Y
Windows 7 Federation Y Y Y Y
People Search Y Y
Social Search Y Y
Taxonomy Integration Y Y
Multi-Tenant Hosting Y Y
Rich Web Indexing Support Y

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